Savings Easily Illustrated

Data table Data table

Based on these figures we forecast savings of a minimum of £100,000 over the 25 year agreement, with the likelihood of much bigger savings to be enjoyed

These savings are based on the following solar graph:

Daylight chart

Grundfos Pumps have teamed up with Regenerco on a solar climate change initiative, producing carbon reduction and considerable savings to annual electricity costs.

“Going green with Regenerco was a straightforward decision for us,” says Mark Braithwaite, Purchase Supervisor, Grundfos Sunderland. “They install the solar for free and maintain the equipment at their cost. All we do is save money on the power they sell back to us – it’s that simple.”

In Autumn 2019, Regenerco worked with Grundfos to install over 450kws of solar panels on their roof. The site is now up and running, and on average, producing enough power to supply over 100 homes.

Grundfos Pumps are a UK leader in the supply of pumps/pump systems for domestic, commercial building services and process industry applications, as well as being a major supplier to the water supply, treatment industries and a provider of packaged fire sets. They are part of the Grundfos Group that employ 19,000 people in sales and production roles in 83 companies worldwide.

Founded in Denmark in 1945, the Group now has an annual turnover of £3bn and produces 17 million pumps per year. Grundfos have a committed climate change policy and working alongside Regenerco, Sunderland is helping them towards achieving this ambition.

Regenerco installs solar and maintains, with their team of investors and installers, North West Solar, at no cost to their clients, breaking down the walls on going green, saving the planet and cutting energy costs.